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Alburgh wasn’t a paradise, but when you’re past is as dismal as mine, it was a dream come true. I loved having four seasons. In fact, it is the only thing I really miss about living up north. Ice skating, snow mobiles, sledding, ice fishing, snow ball fights, building snow men… we had so much fun in the winter. And the leaves in the fall, I can’t imagine how many piles of leaves I dove into. I remember every spring trying to be the first to see a robin. Cool air, warm rains, bliss. But the highlight of my summers was bike riding. We rode our bikes everywhere.

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As mentioned previously, we ran from my mother for good reason. If I could sum it all up in one word, I would use ‘HELL’. To this day I can hear my mom’s boyfriend’s voice. I can see his face. I can feel the leather snapping across my skin. I can even hear my own screams. It’s a difficult memory to face. But I have to let it out. I have to share it. It’s just something I need to do.

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My dad sometimes took me to work with him on the weekends. It was there that I cleaned my first ‘strange’ toilet’. I remember trying to keep myself from gagging. The border station bathroom was just as disgustingĀ as some gas station bathrooms I had used. Some people are just really gross.


Months after an ugly divorce my father packed up his old Matadore sedan with whatever would fit and waited for my sister and I to return home from school. We lived with one of my dad’s brothers and his wife at the time to avoid any contact with my mom. As soon as everyone was accounted for we headed out to unknown territory. Canada bound. I was 5 years old.